We are very proud of the staff at the Federation of Mowden Schools. We have a fantastic mix of people with a variety of experiences and expertise. They work in teams to plan imaginative, creative and interesting topics and lessons, with the children at the heart of the learning.

Staff at the Federation get to know the children well in their time together. They are keen to build strong relationships so that the children trust and respect them. Teachers and teaching support staff are happy and willing to discuss your child with you, should you have any concerns or if you want to know how they're getting on. They are often available to speak to at the end of the school day, either by phone or in person. Simply pop into the school office to see that they are free; if not, a mutually convenient time will be set up for you to meet.

Staff work together in year groups teams.  Click on the links below to see our current staff list and the roles people are responsible for.

Senior Leadership and Management Team

Administrative Team

Reception Team

Year 1 Team

Year 2 Team

KS1 Teaching Assistants

Year 3 Team

Year 4 Team

Year 5 Team

Year 6 Team

KS2 Teaching Assistants

Lunchtime Support staff

Catering Staff 

Site Management Staff