Please find below our procedure for excluding pupils.  This procedure is included in our Behaviour Policy which can be found on our Policies page within our website.

  • Only the Headteacher or acting Headteacher has the power to exclude pupils from school
  • The Headteacher may exclude a pupil for one or more fixed periods for up to a total of 45 days in one school year
  • The Headteacher may exclude a pupil permanently
  • It is also possible for the Headteacher to convert a fixed term exclusion into a permanent exclusion if the situation warrants this
  • The parent/guardian of the pupil must be informed immediately exclusion occurs
  • The parent must be informed of: the period of exclusion, the reason for the exclusion, that an appeal can be made to the governing body about the exclusion, the way in which the appeal can be made
  • The governing body has a discipline committee which considers any exclusion appeals on behalf of governors