School is closed for pupils at the end of the day on Friday 19th July 2024 and reopens for pupils on Wednesday 4th September 2024. 

Our Federation


To be at Mowden

To be encouraged: independence, trust.
To run the mile and seek to persevere.
To shun unfairness: all that is unjust.
To just feel safe and guided, being here.

To make good progress and improve my scores.
To problem solve and analyse and reason.
To concentrate in class and then outdoors
To play in open spaces, fields with trees in.

To learn together, teachers, parents, me.
To help with homework and to hear me read.
To feel within the Mowden family.
To know that I am wanted to succeed.

To exercise and coached to hone my skills.
To go to clubs, discover something new.
To represent my school in teams, the thrill.
To win and lose and be part of the crew.

To do our best. To care and be cared for.
To have our aspirations widened too.
To make good friends that last for ever more.
To be so proud to go to Mowden School.


The Federation of Mowden Schools, consisting of Mowden Infant School and Mowden Junior School, became an academy trust in June 2012.  Whilst situated in separate buildings, both the Infant and Junior schools are on the same large site and we consider ourselves one school, with one headteacher, governing body and staff working closely together to achieve the best results for the children.

The school is situated in the west end of Darlington, occupying a large site in the heart of an estate of private housing. We cater for over 500 children from 4 years up to 11 years of age.  We are a feeder school to several local secondary schools, with the majority attending the nearby Hummersknott Academy. The majority of our children live within the Mowden estate, although there are children who attend from other parts of town and local villages.

Opening its doors on Friday 18th December 1970 at 2:30pm, the Infant School was the first school to be built on the estate and opened as Mowden County Primary School. The increase in the size of the estate meant that another school was required, resulting in Mowden Junior School being completed in time for 4th September 1972. More recently, extensive renovations and expansion took place, enabling us to have 3 form entry. The additional accommodation fits well with the style of both schools.

We are proud of our site, with school buildings which include spacious halls, ICT suites and large, light classrooms. The outdoor space is fantastic for children to learn and play in, with a large field connecting the two schools and plenty of playground space for the children to run about and use up energy!  A wooded area beside the Infant School allows the children to explore and investigate, whilst bespoke ‘trim trail’ play equipment gives the children a chance to climb and be active.  

If you would like to visit our Federation, have any queries or require a paper copy of information, please contact the school office  to make an appointment.


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