Below are the results of some of the sporting events and competitions our school has taken part in between October 2017 and July 2018. Photos of some events can be found in Celebrating Mowden 2017/2018.

Dates of future events are also listed below, details to follow home. Good luck to all teams.  

July 2018

Thursday 5th July - Year 4 Community Games

Players report by Niall

On Thursday 5th July, 30 of our pupils went to Eastbourne sports complex to take part in the Year 4 school games. We had to choose 3 events to take part in so we chose girls football, boys football and tag rugby. Some people had not done much tag rugby before so we learnt lots of new skills but in a fun way. We especially enjoyed playing British bulldog to get the tags. We played mini games against many other primary schools and did well. In the football, we had lots of fun and even scored some goals. Our best bit was meeting an Olympian, Craig Heap, who had competed in the Sydney Olympics. We even got our t shirts signed by him.

June 2018

Tuesday 5th June - Year 6 Gymnastics competition 

Players report by Abigail and Niamh

On Tuesday 6th June a group of year 6 pupils travelled to Longfield Academy in Darlington to take part in the gymnastics competition. Pupils were put into different groups according to ability and all groups had to perform a floor routine and a vault. Our favourite part was the floor routine as we could show off many different skills. The vault was quite hard but we tried our best. One of our pupils did well enough to get through to the next round.

Thursday 7th June - Year 5 and 6 Track and Field event

On Thursday 7th June, Mowden Junior School went to the town sports event at Eastbourne in Darlington. There were lots of different events including chest push, triple jump, long jump, howler throw, 600m, 80 m sprint, 60m sprint and relays. We took a year 5 and a year 6 team of boys and girls and we got quite a number of different medals and we did the best in the field events. My favourite bit was clapping for my team mates in the events.

Monday 11th June - Year 5 Cricket Competition 

Players report by Rosie

Year 5 played in a cricket tournament against 13 other schools. We played fantastically well in our group stage and won all of our matches. We won 261-191 against Skerne Park, won 224-196 against Polam Hall, won 231-108 against Reid Street B team then won 270-174 against Rydal Academy. This meant that we were the winners of group B so we played Reid Street A, the winners of group A in the semi final. Amazingly we won the semi final 249-227 which meant that we faced Abbey Junior School in the final. 

The final was a very close match but we played really well together to come out as winners by only 3 runs. We won 239-236 and go through to the next round. More news to follow

Tuesday 12th June - Year 5/6 Netball tournament 

On Tuesday 12th June we played in a netball tournament at Polam Hall School. We played matches against Polam, Winfield, Hurworth, Harrowgate Hill and a couple of others. We won 11-3 against Hurworth and 15-1 against Harrowgate Hill. There were 8 people in our team and it was a mixture of boys and girls and years 5 and 6. The best bit was winning the overall competition.

Wednesday 13th June - Year 5/6 Tees Valley Hockey Final 

Thursday 14th June - Year 5 Cricket Final

Last night in the Kwik cricket finals Mowden played 2 matches against other primary schools in Darlington at the RA cricket ground. Our first match was against Abbey and we lost 194 – 226. This meant that we had to play for third or fourth place against Reid Street. We won this match 242-234 and were successful in getting lots of the other team caught out with superb catches. This meant that we got third place medals.

Monday 25th June - Tees Valley Cross Country

Players report by Maisie

On Monday 25th June, a small team of pupils from Mowden Junior School took part in the cross country competition at Stewarts Park in Middlesbrough. It was a very hot day and the course was quite challenging, running round the edge of Stewarts Park. In the year 3/4 boys race, Niall did really well to come 11th out of a lot of pupils. Then it was Ollie's turn to run in the year 5 boys race. He did well to come 27th . In the year 6 races, I ran well to come overall 10th in the girls race and Olli and Louis came 30th and 15th in boys race. We all enjoyed ourselves and we think that out of thee 7 authorities, Darlington came 2nd.

May 2018

Tuesday 8th May - Year 4 Quadkids

Players report by Jemima and Annabel

29 Mowden Year 4 children went to Eastbourne Sports Complex to represent the school in a competition called quad kids. Before we did any events we got a sticker. The first event we did was the 50 meter race and we got put into groups of 4. The fastest time was 8.1 seconds. Then we did the howler event where we had to throw the howler across the field. We had 3 tries and our furthest score counted. After breaktime (in the shade as it was too hot!) we did the 300m run right round the track. It was quite hard and challenging. Finally we did the long jump. We did 3 jumps and recorded our furthest jump. It was a great day because it was lovely and warm and we enjoyed being outside

Tuesday 22nd May - Hockey Competition

April 2018

Thursday 19th April - Y3/4 Netball

Players report by Summer

On Thursday 19th April, 10 pupils from year 3 went to Polam Hall School, in Darlington to play netball. First of all we practised lots of different throws including chest pass, shoulder pass and bounce pass. There were at least 6 different activities and my favourite was the piggy in the middle game. Then we had our lunch in the sports hall because it was too hot to sit in the sun outside.

After lunch we played some matches against other primary schools. First we played against Polam Hall and we drew 1-1. Next we played Reid Street and we lost one nil. Then we played against St Johns team 3 and won 1-0, Will scored the winning goal. Our final match was against St Johns team 2 and the score was 1-1. I learned lots of new things including playing a better match and more about passing.


March 2018

Monday 5th March - Swimming Gala

Players report by Maisie

On a snowy Monday morning, the 26 strong swim team from years 5 & 6 at Mowden Junior School too part in the Darlington School Games Primary Swimming Gala. The team competed in different swimming events including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and of course the relay events. We competed against 7 other schools and did very well to gain some second places. However we saved our best til last when the year 6 boys won their freestyle relay. Well done to all swimmers

Tuesday 13th March - Tablet top and Targets

Players report by Abbie

I took part in this event on Tuesday 13th March at Durham University, Queens Campus in Stockton. There were lots of schools there and I joined another team from Oak Tree School.  There were eight different events including boccia, table top cricket, curling and tennis and we had a chance to try them all.

My favourite event was the table top cricket where you took it in turns to bowl and bat and I also enjoyed the tennis. Curling was fun because you had to get the stone into the target.

I got a certificate at the end. I had a great time and made some new friends.

Wednesday 14th March - Swimming Gala Finals

Players Report

Three pupils represented Mowden School at the recent swimming gala finals held at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington. These pupils, Niamh, Matthew, and Libby had done well enough in their previous heats to progress to the next round. Libby swam backstroke in the year 5 girl’s race and came a creditable 6th with 25.10 seconds.Next was Niamh’s turn and she swam very well in her breast stroke event gaining a bronze medal for 3rd place in 24.62 seconds. Matthew also did amazingly well also gaining a bronze medal for third place in 26.02 seconds.

Well done team Mowden!

Thursday 22nd March - Y5/6 Netball Cup

Players Report

Nine children went to Polam Hall School on Thursday 22nd March to take part in the Darlington netball tournament. They played five league matches in the morning and the top three teams went on to play in another league in the afternoon for the cup. Mowden played Cockerton, Harrowgate Hill and Hurwoth amongst other teams and beat them all convincingly to win the cup for the third year running. Well done Mowden!

Tuesday 27th March - Y5/6 Netball Final

Players Report

On the 27th March, our Year 5 and 6 Netball team qualified to represented Mowden Juniors in the Tees Valley Nebtall finals. We played a tough match against Hurworth and lost the match leaving us at second place.  Well played Mowden


February 2018

Tuesday 6th February - Year 3 Tennis

Players report by Will and Jake

On 6th February, eight children (four boys/four girls) went to Wyvern Academy to compete against four other schools in a tennis competition. While the boys took part in tennis skills, the girls played their matches. We then swapped over and the boys played their matches and the girls did their skills. We played well and won most of our matches and some of our skills. The boys aiming at the tennis ball tube was very tense. We scored the winning point in the final second!

We enjoyed the competition and overall we came second.

Thursday 8th February - Year 5 Basketball Final

Players report by Charlie

On the 8th of February, 7 people from years 5 and 6 represented Mowden Juniors in the Tees Valley Basketball finals at Middlesborough College. We came first in the first round of matches which meant that we played against a tougher group in the next round. We lost our final game 2-1. Well played Mowden

Tuesday 20th February - Year 4 Tennis Final

Players report by Ada and Tom

On 20th February we went to a tennis competition at Wyvern Academy . It was fun! We played 24 games and won 22. We entered 4 girls and 4 boys into the competition. All the girls won their matches but the boys had really good opponents, which why they didn’t win all their matches. But they still were good! We also had very good encouragement from our teachers.

We are now through to the Tees Valley Finals!

Wednesday 21st February - Year 5/6 Boys Football

Players report by Harrison

On the Wednesday 21st of February, a group of mixed group of year 5 and year 6 boys went to Eastbourne Sports Complex in Darlington to play in the Darlington primaries football competition. The boys played in 4 matches in their group and won 3 and lost 1. They didn’t go through to the next round but played for a fifth place overall against Whinfield Primary. This match was nail bitingly close and ended 2-2 which meant that Mowden went to penalties then a sudden death. Our team won this match and did well to come fifth out of 16 schools.

Thursday 22nd February - Year 5/6 Girls Football

Players report by Lola

Mowden Junior girls recently went to Eastbourne Sports Complex to play against other primary schools in a football competition. The team, which was made up of both year 5 and year 6 girls played football against 4 other teams in our group. We won one match 1-0, lost one match 1-0, drew one match 0-0 and then it came to the final match against Firthmoor and unfortunately we lost 2-1. It was a bitterly cold day but the temperatures did nothing to dampen the girls spirits and some excellent football was played.


January 2018

Friday 26th January - Year 5/6 Basketball

Players Report  by Maisie

Two teams from Mowden School took part in a basketball competition held at the Education Village on 26th January. The B Team won their first match by one point and the A Team had a strong win. They both won their next few matches. In the last game the B Team had another win and continued to the semi- finals, but the A Team drew their final match which meant they needed to take part in a shoot- out. Unfortunately, the A Team lost by one point , so they came 4th overall. The B Team had another win and made it into the final which they narrowly won by one point. This meant they went onto to take part in the Tees Valley Finals held on 8th February.


November 2017

Tuesday 7th November - Year 6 Sportshall Athletics

Players report

On the 7th November 2017 pupils from Mowden Junior School took part in an athletic event at Wyvern Academy. First, was the obstacle relay and the trickiest part was the hurdles. We did particularly well in the Girls 1+1 race. We came 1st! Then in the Boys 1+1 we did well too.Some of the field events included the chest pass, long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce and javelin. Finally, was the 4x1 relay the girls were first and then the boys came 2nd.  We had a lot of fun!


October 2017

Monday 9th October - Year 6 Tag Rugby - 6th out of 8 groups.

Players report by Maisie 

On Monday 9th October, 10 pupils from Mowden Junior School took part in a tag rugby competition, which was held at Mowden Rugby Club. We played a total of four matches. In our first match, we started off strong and beat St Beads 3-2. In our next few matches, the other teams just beat us. After a few defeats, we won another match . Overall, we came 6th out of 8 teams. It was a very exciting experience for the children and all of them enjoyed it.


Thursday 19th October - Year 3 & 4, 5 & 6 Primary Cross Country - 6 children progressed to the Tees Valley Finals

Players report by Aimee

On Thursday 19th October, pupils from  Mowden Junior School took part in a Cross Country competition . Children from Year 3 to Year 6 took part in this event. First, was the Year 3 and Year 4 girl’s race, consisting of two from each Year group. Our best score for the girls was 18th . After that was the Year 3 and Year 4 boys consisting again of two from each Year group. That race was our best place as we came  5th . Next, were the Year 5 girls with five of them taking part. Their best position was 8th. Next, was our Year 5 boys they did pretty well .Our best placing was 3rd (so that means Oliver got a medal). The penultimate race was the Year 6 girls. They did really well. Our best position was 6th. The last race of the day was the Year 6 boys and they did really well. Our best placing was Louis Brett in 6th but following behind was Oliver Bentley in 7th place . Everyone who gained a place in the top 10  goes into Tees Valley  for their team .