Below are the results of some of the sporting events and competitions our school has taken part in between September 2016 and July 2017:


October 2016           

10.10.16 Year 6 Tag Rugby - Progressed to Finals

Players Report by Millie and Kailani

The competition , which was held on the Mowden Rugby Stadium pitches,was a great experience and enabled us learn more about tag rubgy. As we stepped through the gates we were kindly welcomed by smiling faces who took us to the training grounds of their team. After we did a lap of the field, we prepared for our first game . We won four games in total and were very pleased with our achivement. This event made us learn to encourage one another and work as a team together.

20.10.16 Junior School Cross Country Event - 7 children progressed to the Tees Valley Finals

Players Report by Lily, Alexia & Macy

On Thursday 20th October we went to Sainsburys school cross country competition. We had to run 2100 meteres because we are in the year 6. When we got there, we had to go to different posts with our schools name on it which for us was Mowden federation. We had to wait for our races which in our case was second to last because we were in year 6. I was absolutely petrified. If you came in the top 10 you could represent Darlington at tees valley. Soon we had to make our way to the warm up area when the year 5 boys set off so we cheered them on! After they had set off we went into the warm up square. It was absolutely packed with people. We were right at the front so we had an advantage. Everybody was pushing and shuving to get to the front so we accidently broke the caution tape surrounding the warm up area. Ooops! The warm up square had been used soo much that there wasnt any grass left. It was very well planned out. A few minutes later,they took us up to the starting line. My heart was racing, knees trembling and my palms were sweaty. Butterflies gathered in my stomach. I kept asking myself could i do it again? Could i make it to Tees Valley? The words echoed in my head. It made me even more determined to succseed. ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET GO! WE WERE OFF! Everybody started sprinting but we were advised not to. All the people who sprinted soon dropped out of the race. We were 11th, 5th and 7th approaching the second lap. I was detirmined to come in the top ten so i sprinted round the course. As the finish line came into sight, we sprinted as fast as we could in order to do our school proud. We grabbed our number tokens for the position that we came and headed back to our post. We came 3rd, 4th and 9th. We were all in Tees Valley! My hands were numb and i couldnt feel them.  I had came 3rd! I couldnt believe it. I got the bronze medal. All our scores were added up and the lowest score from each team won a medal. They named each person who came 1st 2nd and 3rd. My name was coming up. ALEXIA LINCK-HERNANDEZ! I ran up to the front and grapped my medal. My cheecks blushed and i couldnt believe my achivement. The photographer took my photo and i went back to my team. We were expecting at least 5th in the overalls for each team because we came 3rd last time and 3 of us were in the top 10. IN 3RD PLACE.....MOWDEN!! Our hands covered our mouths we were so shocked. We dropped our bags and sprinted over to recieve our bronze medals. Two bronze medals in a day. GET IN! All of our team screamed and the organisers put the medals around our necks. We cant wait till Tees Valley and to represent Darlington.TEES VALLEY HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31.10.16 Year 6 Tag Rugby Final - Mowden came 3rd in the finals and won bronze medals

Match Report - Tag Rugby Final  

Our team was thrilled when they got through to the finals of the tag rugby competition, held on 31st October 2016. They played against the top 8 teams in Darlington in some very close, and nail biting games and did really well coming second in their section. After losing the semi-final match against Polam Hall we had one last game against Reid Street to determine third and fourth place. The children all played their hearts out in an exciting final, which had everyone on the edge of their seats. In the last few minutes of the game they pulled ahead in tries to win the match, and get third place. Well done to all the players- we are so proud of you!

Players Report by Millie and Kailani

On the 31st of October Year 6 went to the tag rugby competition finals. The event took place on the Mowden Rugby Stadium training grounds. When we arrived we were bouncing up and down in exitement hoping we would be succesful. Five other schools took part and we eventually played every team. We were coached by sevral Mowden Rugby team players who treat every team fairly and gave us a few tiny tips. We were delighted when it had been annouced that we came third and won a medal! We had lots of fun and it was a brilliant experience for us all . Overall, this event taught us to work as a team and we will achive greater acomplishments. 

November 2016

11.11.16 Year 6 Primary Sportshall Athletics - Mowden came 3rd in the cluster

Players Report by Sam and Euan

On 11th of November Year 6 took part in the Indoor Athletics Competition at the Dolphin Centre. Five other schools took part in the event and we came third in the whole competition. We were split into two heats in the track events with us in the second group. Also we took part in some field events including chestpush, javelin, standing long jump, standing trpile jump and lots more events. Overall we  all enjoyed ourselves and would reccommmend to the children in Year 5 to try for this oppourtunity.


January 2017

11.01.17 Year 5 Darlington Primary Basketball Festival - won one match out of four

Match report Darlington Basketball Tournament

Eight Year 5 children attended the Darlington Basketball Tournament on 11th January 2017. Despite not having any previous basketball training, our Mowden Team did not let the side down. Their enthusiasm and team work rewarded them with a win (3-1) against West Park Academy, a draw with Rydal Academy (only lost 1-0  due to a shoot out), a narrow defeat against St Mary’s, Cockerton (2-1) and only losing by a greater margin (5-0) to St John’s, who went on to the final.

Just think what we could have done with a little bit of practise?

Players Report by Abbie, Maisie & Aimee

On Wednesday  the  11th of January 2017,  8 year 5 pupils from  Mowden Junior school  participated  in the Darlington Basketball  Tournament held at the Education Village.
 We played a total of four games. Unfortunately, we only won one game but the rest were very close to drawing (accept to St John’s who went on to the final) .
Our triumphant  win was against West Park Academy. We won 3-1, with their point being gained by a penalty. In our last game, we drew 0-0 but then it went down to a nerve-racking shoot out.

In regards to our playing ability we think we did well considering we hardly had any practise .This experience has inspired us to play  more basketball . A huge thank you to the Education village for holding this magnificent event .


February 2017

03.02.17 Year 3 Mini-Tennis Festival - Mowden came 1st and progressed to the finals

Match Report - Year 3 Tennis

Four boys and four girls entered a Year 3 tennis competition, held at the Dolphin Centre on 3rd February 2017.

Their skill and enthusiasm earned them a victory! Between them they won a total of 31 matches out of the 40 matches they played. Their teamwork and sportsmanship was splendid. They shook hands with their competitor (win or lose) and even if they had lost a match they were very happy for their team members who had won in that particular round.

While the matches were being played they took part in a skills competition, which resulted in the girls coming 1st and the boys 2nd.

They are now eager for the forthcoming final!

Players Report by Ada & Tom

On the 3rd February 4 boys and 4 girls went to play in a year 3 tennis tournament. We had lots of fun!

We competed against 5 strong teams and played 5 games each. We played 40 matches in total and we were really pleased when we won 31 of them

First the boys did some skills with the referee (Jeff). The skills were

  • Egg and spoon(ball and racket)
  • Pass the parcel
  • Throw ball into a bucket
  • Hit the ball in a bucket
  • Skittles

While the boys were doing their skills the girls were playing brilliant tennis. Then we swapped around and the boys played brilliant tennis too.

What was really fun is that we won and got through to the finals.

YAY!!! It is on Friday 17th February. This time we will remember to bring a snack.

13.02.17 Year 6 Squash Competition - Mowden came 1st and progressed to the finals

Match Report - Squash

We took a combination of 8 year 6 novices and experienced squash players to take part in the Grassroots Junior Schools Squash programme.

We entered two teams, Mowden A and Mowden B, which came 1st and 2nd respectively.  Our experience players performed well throughout the competition; however, our novices were also superstars as their skill and performance visibly increased to the degree that some were invited to join the Junior Squash Club.

13.02.17 Year 6 Girls Football Festival - Mowden came 1st and progressed to the Tees Valley finals

14.02.17 Year 4 Girls Football Festival - Mowden came 3rd in the festival

16.02.17 Year 6 Boys Football Festival

17.02.17 Year 3 Tennis Final - Mowden won the competition and made it through to the Tees Valley Finals

28.02.17 Mowden junior school children took part in their first Mowden Mile


March 2017

02.03.17 Year 6 Tees Valley Girls Football Final - Mowden came 3rd in the finals

Match Report -Year 6 Girls Football Finals

Our girls represented Darlington at the Tees Valley finals at Longfield. There were 11 teams competing and the competition was very tough as the competitors were all the top teams in the Tees Valley. Our Mowden team played very well and didn’t lose a match in our section.  We were however placed 2nd, as another team has won one more match than us.  The semi-final was a tense, hard fought match that kept all the spectators on the edge of their seats.  Unfortunately we conceded a goal in the last few minutes, despite having had most of the territory, so lost 1-0 to Normanby.  The girls were really disappointed but showed great sportsmanship and quickly regrouped to play another match for 3rd and 4th place.  With great teamwork we beat Junction Farm, winning the game 1-0.  Well done girls for coming 3rd overall and for doing us proud.

02.03.17 Year 6 Squash Finals

Year 6 Squash Finals

The Squash Finals held, on 2nd March 2017, were not without excitement!

We had to take a slightly different team as the girls were torn between playing in the Tees Valley Football Final or the Squash Final. We also had a last minute team member change on the morning of the competition. However, all our team members did us proud and those who were not so confident could be seen to improve throughout the tournament.

We played four other teams in the first round and managed to come second. The second round was very close and our valiant effort gained us fifth place.

Players Report by Ollie & Leon

In the finals, there were 2 rounds. In the first match we won overall and in the second we won but in the third round we lost so we had playoffs for fourth or fifth place. Sadly, we lost coming fifth place in the tournament. 

14.03.17 Year 5 & 6 School Games Swimming Gala - Mowden came 2nd overall

29.03.17  Tees Valley Cross Country Competition - 7 Mowden children took part in the event


April 2017

07.04.17 Year 5 & 6 Primary Netball Festival - Mowden A team - 1st place & Mowden B team - 2nd place

Players Report by Kailani & Millie

On Friday 7th April, Mowden school brought an A and a B team to the Darlington Schools Netball Competition. Having received great training from Sarah Lough, we were very confident and were happy to be representing the school in such a competitive festival. When we entered the courts we felt ecstatic and prepared our teams for our first game.

Leaded by our team captains, we had three cheers for our oppositional team after each match had finished.

Overall, our A team placed 1st , being given a cute teddy bear called Flossy, and our B team finishing 3rd. We are extremely proud and are looking forward to taking part in Tees Valley


May 2017

17.05.17 Year 4 Quadkids Athletics - A team progressed to the finals

18.05.17 Year 5 & 6 Tees Valley Netball Finals - Mowden won the competition

Match Report -Tees Valley Netball Finals 

A combination of Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 boys and girls attended the Tees Valley Netball Final.

Their performance was amazing! They confidently won every match played, resulting in them coming first and becoming the Tees Valley Netball Champions!

24.05.17 Year 6 Cricket Competition - Mowden were 3rd in the rounds

Match Reports - Year 6 Cricket Competition 

Ten children from Year 6 attended a cricket competition at the R.A. cricket ground on 24th May 2017. They quickly got to grips with the Kwik Cricket rules and their batting, bowling and fielding skills improved with each match. Unfortunately they did not progress to play offs, which took place on the afternoon, but enjoyed playing a friendly match with another school in the same position. They even managed the scoring and umpiring!


June 2017

06.06.17 Year 5 & 6 Primary Athletics Competition - 6 children went forward to represent the Darlington team in the Tees Valley finals, Darlington were 2nd overall

14.06.17 Gymnastics Cluster Competition - placed 8th, a credit to the school

Match Report - Gymnastics

Some of our year 3 and 6 children took part in an inter-schools gymnastics competition at The Education Village. The children had to complete a set routine (that included a combination of gymnastic steps and skills) and do the vault.   Two of our year 6 girls also had to combine some pre-given skills into their own individual gymnastic routine.  Our Mowden children tried really hard and we were placed 8th overall.  Special mention must be made of Eva Millen who won the year 6 section!

16.06.17 Year 3 Mini Tennis Final - Mowden came 5th in the competition

26.06.17 Year 5 Mixed Cricket Competition - Mowden came in 2nd in their group

Match Report - Year 5 cricket

Ten of our year 5 children took part in a cricket competition at the RA. They played 3 matches and won two of them. Unfortunately, we were beaten by Polam in an exciting hard-fought match which meant that we were unable to progress to the semi-finals.  The children all had great fun and demonstrated some fine cricketing skills.


July 2017

07.07.17 Year 6 Darlington Primary Schools Girls Football Competition - League Winners, Mowden came 1st

Match Report - Girls Football

On Friday 7th July, the Mowden girls’ football team took part in the champion of champions event as they had won their group stage. There were three teams: Mowden, Reid Street and St Johns.

Our first match was against Reid Street. It was tough to begin with as their defence was strong but as the game progressed we soon settled into it. Mowden were awarded with continuous corners and eventually were able to beat the keeper and score in the bottom right corner. The Result was 1-0 and Lydia (our keeper) ended up with nothing to do except one strong goal kick.

In our next match, we were against St Johns. Going into this match, we were nervous knowing we needed the win. We started off pretty even then as we got further into the game, it began to get tough. The ball kept being driven towards to the centre of the pitch. With our midfield working hard, the opposition defence grew stronger, coming at us with some good tackles. In the end, it concluded with a very tight draw of 0-0. To our horror, it was down to penalties which we had dreaded as we had recently lost to this way.

After the first round, both teams had scored three. Our team spirit suddenly deflated but Lydia bravely stepped up and accepted the challenge of taking the sudden death penalty. The pressure was on!

Because she knew the goal keeper was struggling to reach the top corners, Lydia coolly blasted in the top right. We all went mad. Mrs Walker had to bring us back down to earth because she knew Lydia had to be straight back into the goal. St Johns took a great shot, however Lydia managed to save it, the ball only just flying into her reach.

We were over the moon and celebrated with loads of pictures, sharing out a packet of sweets wearing our new shiny gold medals.

Go Mowden!

By Kailani & Lydia