Y6 Trip to Kingswood

Kingswood 2018 by Katharine and Jamie

Before we went, we both felt nervous, even a bit upset, as we had never really been away from home. We even felt  a bit homesick on the bus but started singing with our friends and we soon felt lots better.

When we got there, we dropped our bags in the classroom and then we played a game called splat. This made us feel lots happier but even better was lunch! What’s not to like about chicken nuggets!
When we saw where we were going to stay, we felt happy as we were with our friends. Our room was nice and we liked the bunk beds.

Our first activity was the problem solving but we really loved the zip wire even though it was a bit scary. The instructor was nice and funny and we had a lot of fun.

At teatime we had a time slot and we got our food then. We sat down together and ate our yummy tea. 
Later on, we did an event called the mini Olympics where we did lots of different races for example, space hoppers, finding your shoe, water balloons and the marble race. Team 18 were the overall winners.
It was quite late when we went back to our dorms but we still had time for a pillow fight and a laugh. We tried to get to sleep by 10pm.

At breakfast time the next day, there was a lot of choice and we could choose from either a full English breakfast, cereal, toast, fruit or yoghurt. We were very full!

In the day, we did more activities such as the leap of faith which was awesome. To do it, we had a harness on then climbed up a pole. When we were at the top you had to climb on to a platform and then do a small jump to reach a metal bar. When we did it, we felt very proud and at least we didn’t have jelly legs like Mrs Park! Other activities were low ropes, night line (which was a blindfolded obstacle course and we got really wet) and not forgetting bushcraft where we got to light fires. After tea we had an amazing mini disco and then had to go and pack, ready to go home the next day.

On Friday, we did aero ball, laser quest and the best was abseiling where we came down the side of a 40ft tower. We really liked it , especially where you could step off the top. After lunch we sadly had to come back home and we got back around 3 o’clock.

We loved Kingswood as we learnt lots of new things but we especially learnt how important team work and resilience were. When can we go back?