Year 6 Goblin Project

Our Mowden year 6 children are once again fortunate to be part of the IET Formula Goblin project.  The aim of this project is to inspire children to take an interest in engineering in a fun and innovative way. The project enables children to build their very own functioning and drivable electric car.

The kit for the car comes in a flat pack with easy, understandable instructions and with the help of a team of engineers from Cummins, the pupils will put together two cars which a small team will then take to compete in races at Croft Circuit.

Last week, the children were introduced to the world of engineering and found out about what skills are needed to work in this field. The project was outlined and the first steps discussed. Today the children actually started building the cars under the guidance of the engineers and it was great to see them immediately getting stuck in. With such excellent team work evident, perhaps we have some future engineers in the making.