Goblin Car Project 2018

For the last few weeks, year six have been working with the engineering group Cummins to build 2 mini cars from scratch. They have had to use all sorts of different tools and work as a team to both build then paint the bodywork for the car.

On Tuesday last week, a group of 14 year six went to Croft Circuit in North Yorkshire to race their cars. First of all we had to pass the scrutiny test to check that our cars were safe. Then we took part in 2 races: the slalom and the drag race. Mowden won the first place trophy for the quickest drag race.

After lunch, 2 people’s names were picked out of a hat to race our cars around the actual circuit that is used for the bigger racing cars. It was a very tense race but Nina crossed the line 4th out of 13 and Alex crossed the line first – gaining a trophy for the second quickest time overall. The 2 teams also received a small trophy for participation

A huge well done to all year 6 and to their teachers and helpers too. A special mention must go to Mr Shield our caretaker who went above and beyond to charge batteries, try to mend tyres and much more. The photos and report will be on the website soon.