Below are the results of some of the sporting events and competitions our school has taken part in between October 2017 and November 2017. Dates of future events are also listed below, details to follow home. Good luck to all teams.  


October 2017

Monday 9th October - Year 6 Tag Rugby - 6th out of 8 groups.

Players report by Maisie 

On Monday 9th October, 10 pupils from Mowden Junior School took part in a tag rugby competition, which was held at Mowden Rugby Club. We played a total of four matches. In our first match, we started off strong and beat St Beads 3-2. In our next few matches, the other teams just beat us. After a few defeats, we won another match . Overall, we came 6th out of 8 teams. It was a very exciting experience for the children and all of them enjoyed it.


Thursday 19th October - Year 3 & 4, 5 & 6 Primary Cross Country - 6 children progressed to the Tees Valley Finals

Players report by Aimee

On Thursday 19th October, pupils from  Mowden Junior School took part in a Cross Country competition . Children from Year 3 to Year 6 took part in this event. First, was the Year 3 and Year 4 girl’s race, consisting of two from each Year group. Our best score for the girls was 18th . After that was the Year 3 and Year 4 boys consisting again of two from each Year group. That race was our best place as we came  5th . Next, were the Year 5 girls with five of them taking part. Their best position was 8th. Next, was our Year 5 boys they did pretty well .Our best placing was 3rd (so that means Oliver got a medal). The penultimate race was the Year 6 girls. They did really well. Our best position was 6th. The last race of the day was the Year 6 boys and they did really well. Our best placing was Louis Brett in 6th but following behind was Oliver Bentley in 7th place . Everyone who gained a place in the top 10  goes into Tees Valley  for their team .


November 2017

Tuesday 7th November - Year 6 Sportshall Athletics

Players report

On the 7th November 2017 pupils from Mowden Junior School took part in an athletic event at Wyvern Academy. First, was the obstacle relay and the trickiest part was the hurdles. We did particularly well in the Girls 1+1 race. We came 1st! Then in the Boys 1+1 we did well too.Some of the field events included the chest pass, long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce and javelin. Finally, was the 4x1 relay the girls were first and then the boys came 2nd.  We had a lot of fun!


Upcoming sport events are listed below, all details to follow. Good luck to all teams!


January 2018

Friday 26th January - Year 5 Basketball

February 2018

Tuesday 6th February - Year 3 Tennis

Wednesday 21st February - Year 5/6 Boys Football

Thursday 22nd February - Year 5/6 Girls Football

Tuesday 27th February - Year 3/4 Girls Football